Throughout the autumn term, 11 children across KS2 took part in a 6-week fitness programme that targeted the children who had problems with their health and well-being as well as the children who experienced behavioural problems within the classroom environment. Throughout this training, there has been a significant improvement within the fitness and behaviour of the targeted children. It has helped children to develop a greater understanding of the importance of keeping your bodies fit and healthy and the long-term impact this could have on their health. There has also been a significant improvement within the children’s social and emotional development. Taking part within competitive games gave children an experience of what it was like to lose and how to develop strategies to cope with this. They also had numerous opportunities to work together as a team and they thrived from doing this.

The oldest child within this session absolutely thrived and gained the most from this programme. He showed great respect both leaders and saw them as fantastic role models. Throughout the session, he was given the role of ‘leader’ and he took very well to this. He became increasingly more confident with his leadership skills. When this child started the programme, he was on behaviour tracking system in school, even though this is still the case the number of incidents he is involved in within in school has decreased dramatically, which I believe, is because of this programme and the leaders who have been very approachable and relatable to the children.

Jo Wyke

Pastoral Lead, St Thomas More RC Primary

I could not speak highly enough of Gurmeet and Matty’s work across our school. They are knowledgeable, professional, approachable agents of change that have made our children, parents and staff; fitter, stronger, healthier and happier and it has all been a whole lot of fun!!

What I particularly love about the programmes they offer is that they empower the client. From children and adults not being able to do a single sit up to now doing over 40 within a minute, within the space of a few weeks, is indeed success. They have developed the individual stamina, determination and resilience of both the children and adults in our school which in turn has improved their performance, enabling our pupils to become more confident learners who are able to concentrate for longer periods and achieve even greater success in the classroom.

But equally as important as improving physical fitness, Live it & Get Active have educated our children, parents and staff about the importance of nutrition, making healthy lifestyle choices and drinking plenty of water. Ultimately, they have changed their mind-set and, as a result, not only is their physical wellbeing improving but their emotional health and happiness too.

Don’t believe me? Speak to our children, parents and staff!

Thank you Live it and Get Active – it is a privilege to have you work in our school.

Jane Apolloni

Head teacher, St Thomas More RC Primary

I attend the Live it & Get Active sessions with my daughter Ronnie at her after school club once a week. I am a large women and I was worried about attending the keep fit session with my daughter as I didn’t want to feel I was too big, but the guys at Live it & Get Active made me feel very welcome and we have kept attending every week.

Since I started I have lost a stone and gone from 20/22 dress size down to a 16! I have also been doing exercises that the two lads have done for me, me and my daughter Ronnie do them every night and twice at weekends. I also have cut down on the amount of coffee drink, I have gone from 10 cups a day to 2 cups. I have downloaded an app that tells me every hour to drink water and I can say before I started getting fit I hardly drank more then 2 cups of water a day, but now I drink loads and I do feel so much better for it. Both the guys are really good if I can’t do something they will try to help you to do it but if you can’t they will give you something else to do.

Me and my daughter look forward to our keep fit sessions every week, I owe my weight loss and healthier life to the guys, couldn’t thank them enough and I don’t think I could have done it without them.

Elaine Coombs

Parent, Live it & Get Active Healthy Families Club


A child’s diet and lifestyle can widely reflect on their performance academically. According to the British Dietetic Association (BDA) low iron levels can be linked with poor mood and concentration. A diet high in omega 3 promotes good brain development and can improve attention span. Low levels of magnesium and zinc can affect sleep and cause anxiety, affecting attention.

Many children don’t understand how skipping breakfast or skipping meals can affect their learning ability. There is evidence that eating breakfast leads to better learning than not having breakfast. Equally, consuming refined carbohydrates or foods high in sugar can cause the brain to release cortisol. Cortisol can affect memory.

Education and raising awareness are the keys to changing eating and lifestyle behaviours in children. Our intensive 6-week nutrition programmes aim to instil achievable changes that children can start making. Therefore, our programmes are necessary for schools also in helping to improve pupil performance in key subjects like Maths, English and Science.


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