We are more than just a sports coaching company. Live it & Get Active is a movement which aims to educate people about nutrition and healthy living, and inspire and motivate individuals to become more involved in exercise and sports.

Our vision is simple and has one goal in mind— to help better the lives of others. As a professional, non-profit organisation, we are passionate about health and fitness. We believe there is a lot of misleading information in the public health sector; currently about diet and exercise, and we are here to set the record straight. We want to innovate the public health world and work with people of all ages and backgrounds, to educate them more on nutrition and healthy living, and help people to become more active; through delivering specialised fitness activities.

Exercise is key. We want to make exercise fun, and adapt it to all ages and abilities. Equally we want to deliver something that’s efficient while being more physically beneficial than your average football session. So, we are introducing a new era of fitness by combining- HIIT (High, Intensity Interval, Training) with recreational games and activities. We also want our education sessions around nutrition and healthy living to be fun and inter-ACTIVE so we do things a little different!

By targeting schools and small communities within the region we think we can make a big impact in reducing health related diseases and tackling mental health illnesses. We want to give the younger generation the right start to life and we believe change starts within, so we are here to bring the change to you, and make the world a healthier and happier place to live in.