What’s Included

Finding a structured programme that is easy to adhere to can be paramount in reaching your fitness goals. Plans which entail fad diets that tell you to eat 600 calories a day, cut out bread, or run countless hours on a treadmill are not the way forward. Eating a balanced diet, sticking to a sensible calorie goal, and including progressive exercise routines into your plan is the way forward. With any diet plan, adherence is always the key. So why not follow a plan which is tailored to your foods, your exercise habits and your lifestyle. We’re here to help you reach your goal in the easiest way possible. Fill out the easy to follow form and let’s get started!

Whether your goal is to prioritise fat loss, tone up, improve your fitness levels or improve aspects of your diet or lifestyle such as stress and energy management, we can provide you with a personalised programme to ensure your diet and exercise is centred around achieving your goals.

Bespoke to you

6-week programme tailored
to your goals and
circumstances. E.g. how often
you can train, equipment/
injury limitations.

Easy to follow

Full details of specific exercise
routines at home or at the
gym. Meals laid out each day
with times and potion sizes

Mobile Compatibility

The plan is downloadable and
compatible with your smart
phone or tablet.

Email Support

24-hour email support lasting
the duration of your programme
for all your training/nutrition

Future Advice

After your 6-week programme
there an opportunity to receive a
FREE follow up consultation to
help you continue your



Upon purchasing a programme, you will receive a client details form via e-mail within 24 hours (check junk folder if you don’t see this in your inbox). This will be sent to the email address linked to your PayPal account. Complete the form to the best of your knowledge to enable us to tailor your plan as accurately as possible, then return it to us. You will then receive your plan within one week of the forms being returned.