We deliver High Intensity Interval Training to all year groups and staff. HIIT sessions for pupils are comprised of recreational activities and team games packed with fun and challenging body weight exercises. HIIT sessions for staff are comprised of group circuit, boxercise and body pump classes that last only 30 minutes. For pupils our sessions can last up to one hour or 30 minutes and can be delivered during breakfast, lunchtime and after school clubs, as well as during lesson time which includes PPA cover.


To help your school achieve healthy school status, we deliver a 6-week Nutrition and Active Learning Programme for KS2. This 6-week intensive programme is not like any other. KS2 will learn about nutrition on a much deeper and scientific level, looking into macro and micro nutrients, the effects of foods high in fat and cholesterol, complex and simple sugars, energy balance, balanced diets and healthy lifestyle choices, as well as learning new cooking skills and much more. Pupils progression is monitored and with our advanced learning approach, we make learning how to be healthy more fun.


We offer a health assessment service, monitoring basic health for all staff at your school. Our health check-in’s can offer you with the option of getting your weight, height, BMI, blood pressure, body fat percentage, blood sugar levels, and cholesterol measured. This service can be delivered 1-1 or in a group workshop style environment. Our trained experts in exercise and nutrition can also offer your staff with lifestyle and nutritional advice and support.