HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

We deliver HIIT programmes to all of our clients. HIIT is a time efficient exercise technique that can be implemented into any activity. Through a greater perceived exertion, HIIT can burn up to twice as many calories compared to steady state exercise or sports.

We work on mobility, flexibility and movement with early years and KS1, while exercise intensity and complexity is progressed in KS2. We deliver HIIT in conjunction with recreational activities, team games, relays, boxercise and we merge it into sports. What sets our sessions apart? HIIT pushes participants much harder both physically and mentally. We keep sitting about and waiting to a minimum as our aim is to give those involved a challenging but fun fitness workout session.


We deliver nutrition education to KS1 and KS2. The curriculum we deliver has been devised by a Practicing Nutritionist. Lessons are delivered as a 6-week block and the curriculum is progressed for each year group. We employ ACTIVE learning techniques to keep our lessons fun, but informative.

Pupils learn about; nutrients (protein, carbohydrates, fats, micronutrients), physiological and psychological processes in relation to exercise and nutrition, and develop a deeper understanding around the importance of healthy eating and exercise in context with diseases and mental health. Certain lessons will also include food tasting, healthy smoothies and cooking. All resources are provided.

Staff Fitness

We deliver 30-minute HIIT sessions which incorporate; boxercise, body pump, circuit training and team games and activities. We believe the staff are the role models for the children so we want them to set a good example in the school. There is something for everyone in our staff fitness sessions. They’re fun, challenging, convenient and a great way to promote team bonding and work place health.

For the staff who want to take their fitness and nutrition to the next level, we also offer Diet & Training Programmes.

LIGA Clubs

We offer breakfast, lunchtime or afterschool clubs, and we cover holiday clubs for out of term time and during the summer holidays. Our LIGA clubs are held in primary schools and at local community centres or hubs. We can also offer work with a specific target group. Check out our success story.

We also do a lot of work with families and offer a Healthy Families Programme working with pupils and parents together around nutrition and fitness to get families more ACTIVE and improve eating and lifestyle behaviours.